Our process to develop your online strategies

The process

How we create an online strategy?

Being an online strategist requires knowledge about the market. It also involves knowing how to collect and interpret information online about the company to develop objectives and a detailed plan that results in placing the content in the right place at the right time.



Before configuring the service or strategy, you must know your company´s current reach, customer profile, and consumption habits regarding the communication channels you already have. Subsequently, objectives will be set with SMART methodology in order to guarantee the success of the strategy:

  • S (Specific): Concrete and clear regarding what is to be achieved and how the results should be evaluated.

  • M (Measurable): the objectives should have the possibility of being periodically monitored and measured at the end of the project through data and quantitative and qualitative information determined from the beginning.

  • A (Achievable): Possible and realistic within the budget and time available

  • R (Relevant): generate actions and online tools that increase the company’s exposure within the current or potential market, and not for generic audiences.

  • T (Time-bound): with a plan that visualizes a beginning and an end that provides a realistic perspective of achievement that gives meaning to the strategy.



It all starts with a plan in which the ideal tools will be defined according to your business´s needs to decide what text, images and keywords attract customers, and when.

If we have to perform SEO activities, we will ensure your websites and blog meet all the basic and complex search engine requirements so that they are better positioned organically. If SEM tasks are required, we will guide you to invest efficiently and implement campaigns to make the websites you require visible.


Technology and media

In this phase, the tools you require to monitor, attend, and attract audiences to your business’s digital channels will be developed. After, the reviews will come to life on social networks, blogs, web pages or implementation of strategies.



Once the projects have been approved, they are implemented and put to the test. After a while, the results are measured through established methods during the agreed deadlines.

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