Our process to produce media

The process

How do we work media for your company?

We regard this as more than an option. In our view, it is a necessity. Modern companies require an impeccable image. Each of our productions is specially planned to highlight the most attractive and brilliant features of your organization, offering a functional and creative solution to communicate messages that combine visual-artistic language with efficient use of persuasive technological resources.



Successful production requires the collection of information about the communication objectives and the company. When added to the inspiration, talent and creativity, this gives rise to a foundational idea on which work plans will be elaborated. This will vary depending on whether it is photography, audio, image, animation or video.

Depending on the production, the pre-production results will be some of the following planning documents that guarantee order, quality, and your approval of the proposed concept:

Technical script
Literary script
Breakdown or workflow
Among others.



This phase is exciting as microphones, photographic or video cameras or graphic generating equipment are used to create or capture the material that will be worked with and serve as the basis for creating the final product.



At this stage, special effects are added to the material collected during production, such as; colour adjustments, dynamic transitions, focus or blur to images, retouching and adding elements, among others. Everything is done through specialized software that, together with human sensitivity and talent, gives rise to powerful productions.

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